Als Leadership & Business Development Consultant begleite ich internationale Leaders, Managers und Teams auf ihrem Weg zum Erfolg. Gemeinsam erkennen wir Talente, Potenziale und Möglichkeiten, erarbeiten wirksame Strategien und setzen die erworbenen Kompetenzen um. Meine internationale und interkulturelle Lebenserfahrung und Know-How als Unternehmensberaterin, Institutional Sales & Produkt Manager, Fachtrainerin und Kapitalmarktexpertin erwarb ich mir in Europa und in den USA. Meine innere Kraft als Leaderin fand ich im Spiegelbild des Pferdes.


“Women in leadership” is a great program that encourages introspection and awareness of our own values, talents and resources that we use in our personal and professional lives, and we may not even be aware of them. Women often (sub) consciously suppress them due to traditional attitude or prejudice about female leaders. Working in a small group makes it easier to establish trust among the members and with the leader Nadina Gradaščević, who, with her warmth, directness and outstanding communication skills, very quickly creates a friendly atmosphere in the group. At one point, I felt like I was having coffee with my friends and couldn’t wait to share my experience with the group, and at another, I felt like I was in psychotherapy, some earlier experiences suddenly took on a new dimension, a new context. The three-day program, although intense, flew by. I was eagerly waiting every new meeting, and after two weeks the feedback showed that in such a short time new projects were launched, even in the sphere that I detected as a “bottle neck” in my career. I approach business opportunities and changes more systematically and I am more aware of my competencies. The program has encouraged me to keep working on myself so I look forward meeting other members of the “Women in Leadership” Alumni Group and sharing our experiences. Thank you Nadina Gradascevic!

Meri Šuman Tolić Assistant Professor/University of Dubrovnik

I am so grateful for having Nadina as my mentor at the PWN mentoring program. From the first moment we met, we clicked. She understood my values and helped me to align them with my goals. “Gracias Nadina por creer en mí y apoyarme en todo momento. Ha sido maravilloso tenerte como mentora”

Maria Elena Martinez Maria Elena Martinez

Ich kenne Nadina aus meiner früheren Tätigkeit als Headhunterin als sie noch im Investment Banking tätig war. Als wir uns viele Jahre später erneut begegneten, hatte sie sich in der Zwischenzeit selbstständig gemacht mit Fokus auf Leadership Beratung. Ich selber war in einer Umbruchsphase und gerade dabei selbstständig zu werden, und so sprach mich ihre Arbeit mit Pferden, die uns als Spiegelbild dabei helfen können Fähigkeiten sowie Wesens- und Charakterzüge – Gewusste und Verborgene – zu erkennen und weiterzuentwickeln, besonders an. Mir sollte das dienen meinen Fokus zu finden, und mich darin bestärken und bestätigen diesen anzupeilen und einen Weg meiner Groß- und Einzigartigkeit und Authentizität zu gehen. Die Arbeit in der Natur und mit den Tieren war ein Segen und eine Freude. Ich hatte auch die Gelegenheit mich in einzel- wie gruppendynamischen Interaktionen zu erfahren und dabei neben meinen Stärken, weitere Fähigkeiten auszubauen und Feedback für Grenzsituationen zu erhalten. Nadina hat den ganzen Prozess überaus professionell und behutsam begleitet, sodass ich mich sehr wohl gefühlt habe, los- und damit wesentliche Ergebnisse “nach draußen” lassen konnte. Die Abschlusssession mit Nadina gab nochmal ein Bündel an wertvollen Feedbackinformationen, das mich in vielerlei Hinsicht persönlich wie unternehmerisch ganzheitlich weitergebracht hat – in meinem Fachjargon ein 1A Nadina Gradascevic Assessment-Center in eigener Sache!

Denita Bisha Denita Bisha/Management Consultant

“I was very honored to have the possibility to work together with Nadina in the mentoring program at PWN Vienna. I joined the program for the reason for starting my own business as a coach. This is how Nadina became my mentor in the program. Every session we had was very useful for me and always took me to the next level. After a couple of sessions, I realized that I tend to focus more on possibilities instead of very specific action steps. Nadina supported me to narrow down broad ideas and to focus on the most important action steps that were needed in order to bring my business idea to the next level. I gained clarity around my priorities and most important tasks, so I could move forward step-by-step. Whenever I faced difficulties, she supported me by sharing her valuable business experiences and knowledge. I got a lot of value from our work together. She supported me to be more strategic and also to see the bigger picture. She has a high level of professionalism, great personality, and enthusiasm. I can only recommend working with her.” 

Tibor Nagy Tibor Nagy/Mindset Horizon

Once you discover Nadina, you discover yourself! 

Thank you for beautiful 4 days of intense exchange and deep introspection.
Your truly amazing ability to recognize the specific strengths of every participant, without loosing the momentum of the group, showed us you really practice what you preach: authentic leadership! 
You’ve helped me to systematically clean up the “noise” and let my true self be heard- and so laid the foundation for a better and greater ability to lead myself to positive changes and bring the best out of the others!
I really liked the size of the group: big enough to have an active and intense exchange, but still small enough to feel familiar and to quickly build the trust among the participants.

Thank you, and will definitely take your courses again! Aldina

Aldina Salihodzic Internes Rechnungswesen/A-KERN

Ono što na početku želim reći žao mi je što Nadinu i njen poseban način rada nisam upoznala puno ranije. Ali, nikad nije kasno 😉. Nadina je osoba koja će vas potaknuti da upoznate sebe, da prepoznate svoje posebnosti i da se u moru istih istaknete kroz svoju autentičnost. Posjeduje nevjerovatnu energiju, voli ljude i prepoznaće ono što vam treba i prije vas samih. Njen program Women in Leadership je potpuno u duhu vremena – potrebne su nam žene lideri, žene koje podržavaju i promiču druge žene a Nadina je jedna od njih. Poslije ovog programa osjećaj je bio – the world is not enough 😃! Hvala Nadina!

Vesna Tarsousi Business Owner/Creative Communication Connects

Women in Leadership je više od edukacije… smatram da bi sve žene, bez obzira na svoj radni status trebale proći ovakvu vrstu treninga. Ono što svim ženama treba je drugačiji pogled na svoja dostignuća… Velika većina žene smatra da se ono dobro, što uradimo, bilo u profesionalnom ili privatnom životu podrazumijeva… ne podrazumijeva se… i to treba da cijenimo. Nadina je divan predavač, koji jako puno zna i koji nenametljivo prenosi svoje znanje… i pri tom je ne doživljavate kao predavača već kao BFF prijateljicu.

Ana Šebek Senior Adviser / Directorate for Development of SMEs, Montenegro

Ja imam poseban naziv za ovu edukaciju , a to je Iskustvo koje otvara oči, bilo mi je tolika inspiracija i motivacija da sam odlučila da napišem tekst i na taj način prenesem svoj lični doživljaj.
“Women In Leadership” je više od edukacije. Tu dobijete puno, puno više, a to su druženja, prijateljstva koja traju i poslije. Trenuci koji su me ostavljali bez daha, a čije odjeke i danas osjetim, a čini mi se da ću ih i dalje osjećati. Tekst je na ovoj stranici, prenesen u cijelosti i posvećen svim onim ženama koje su ga prošle i onima koje će ga tek proći!

Marijana Klapić Marijana Klapić/Coaching&Inspiration

Women in Leadership je jedno sasvim novo iskustvo. Preporučila bih svakome da upozna dragu Nadinu koja će uz praktičan i zabavan rad prenijeti znanje koje će Vam koristiti u svim sferama života.

Selma Drndić CPE - Centar za poslovnu edukaciju

The horse-assisted leadership and business development coaching program with Nadina was a powerful and worthy investment in my career and personal life! It allowed me to see and experience my strengths, client and business environment affinities, as well as my areas for improvement in a way I had never seen or experienced before. Although it has been a few months since I completed the program and have since returned home to the USA, I draw valuable insights from Nadina’s coaching program on a regular basis. Nadina is a vibrant leader, a doer with a vision, and someone fully committed to empower and give practical value to her clients!

Maria Reyero Senior Consultant/Strategy & Business Advisory

Radionicu i učenje kroz druženje sa Nadinom iskreno preporučujem svakoj dami bez obzira na dob, edukaciju, zaposlenost/nezaposlenost, životna uvjerenja, iskustva i orijentacije bilo koje vrste.

Dovoljna je samoiskrenost i malo dobre volje, jer rad sa Nadinom protiče u divnoj, toploj i punoj povjerenja atmosferi. Nadina svojim znanjem, iskustvom, predanošću vrlo profesionalno vodi i pomaže da ugledamo ono što ne vidimo, a pred očima nam je.

Meni je lično radionica “Women in Leadership” (Modul 1 i Modul 2), pomogla da postanem svjesna mnogih momenata u svakodnevnom životu koji inače bivaju uzeti “zdravo za gotovo” ili se “podrazumjevaju”, kako u poslu tako i u privatnom životu. Osim toga, naučila sam i nove interesantne stvari, vrlo korisne za dalji rad i razvoj ličnosti.

Svaka pohvala za Nadinu i njen nesebičan rad i trud, veselim se i budućoj saradnji.

Zrna Garić

Radoznalost je na sreću pobijedila nedoumicu kako mi rad s konjima (prema kojima sam oduvijek imala ogroman respekt) uopće može pomoći da (bolje) upoznam sebe i da mi još k tome pokaže na koji način dalje. Tih nekoliko sati izuzetno interesantnog druženja u prirodi sa spontano (a kako se kasnije ispostavilo i ne slučajno) izabranim konjima, dotaknulo je jezgru moje autentičnosti i dozvolilo joj da se prepusti nenametljivom, a potpuno suverenom vodstvu Nadine i Verene. Na jednom posve drugom nivou, daleko od mentala i već izlizanih rijeci “možeš ti to”, shvatila sam da je stvarno mnogo toga moguće ukoliko u sebi jasno definiramo cilj i istovremeno djelujemo u skladu s tim. Za tu duboku i od tog trenutka potpuno prihvaćenu spoznaju mogu biti istinski zahvalna Nadini koja mi je kroz svoju ljudsku toplinu i profesionalnu kompetenciju pomogla u jednom značajnom trenutku mog života. Neizostavan i veoma važan dio je i naknadna analiza događanja tog dana te “prijevod” tog intuitivnog i autenticnog iskustva na “dnevni govor uma”. No to je bio tek početak transformacija koje su se potom postepeno događale kako u mom profesionalnom tako i u privatnom zivotu…A i početak našeg divnog prijateljstva! Hvala Nadina!

Naida Grbic Juristin, Raiffeisen-Revisionsverband NÖ-Wien

Women in Leadership…jako dobar način da upoznate sebe, svoje sposobnosti, mane i vrline i to znanje iskoristite na pravi način.Pomoću ove edukacije sam ojačala i usavršila se kako lično, tako i profesionalno i shvatila da je svaka od nas lider u životu, bila to žena domaćica ili direktorica i da pravim potezima možemo osvojiti najbolje rezultate.

Amela Kamberović Direktorica zubotehničkog laboratorija Novolab

Den Workshop “Leading Self” auf dem 3er Hof Pferdewelt mit Nadina und Verena kann ich jedem sehr empfehlen! Es ist beeindruckend, wieviel man über die persönliche Arbeitsweise durch die Arbeit mit Pferden erfahren kann. Dieser Workshop macht viel Spaß und inspiriert und motiviert zur weiteren Persönlichkeitsentwicklung. Danke Nadina und Verena!

Dzemila Beganovic Legal Counsel/A1 Telekom Austria Group

Nadina has been my go to coach for over a year now. She has been the catalyst of my personal transformation and guided me through the process of becoming my most authentic self. She helped me to get clear on my future career steps, brought clarity into what my strengths are and who I want to be and how I want to serve in this world. She has been supporting me on my path to becoming an entrepreneur and every session served as an accelerator in achieving my goals as much as she provided me with the emotional and spiritual support necessary to make a huge change in my life. I can recommend Nadina to everyone who wants a power coach to help them work their buns off to get where they want to be in life as much as to those who need more clarity in life to make the next right move.

Petra Boteková Managing Director at ICUNet.AG and Founder of BoundaryLess

Ich lernte Nadina als eine sehr herzliche, bestärkende und positive Person kennen. Sie half mir im Mentoringprogramm den Mut zu fassen den Schritt ins Unternehmertum zu machen.

Ich schätze an ihr, dass wir sowohl über berufliche als auch über private Entwicklungen sprechen konnten und ich mich beim Mentoring immer bestärkt und unterstützt gefühlt habe. Obwohl wir zu Beginn gemeinsam Ziele und Spielregeln für das Mentoring festlegten, räumte Nadina mir immer den Freiraum ein meine Ziele verändern zu können. Sie erarbeitete mit mir mögliche Entwicklungsfelder und lockerte die Treffen mit Humor oder passenden Anekdoten auf.

Nadina Gradaščević zeichnet sich in meinen Augen durch ihren Mut und ihr Feingefühl aus. Sie erlaubt sich ihre Berufung zu leben und ihre Wünsche zu realisieren. Dadurch inspirierte sie mich ebenfalls meine Selbstständigkeit zu verfolgen. Ich bin sehr dankbar Nadina kennengelernt zu haben und mit ihr gemeinsam einen Teil des Weges gegangen zu sein.

Ich bin überzeugt davon, dass sie eine ausgezeichnete Leadership-Expertin für Frauen ist, weil sie dafür brennt Frauen in der Gesellschaft durch ihr Programm zu stärken. Sie bringt selbst einen reichen Erfahrungsschatz mit, von dem andere Frauen nur profitieren können.

Kinga Paulina Wilamska Trainer/Coach

I worked with Nadina as being her mentee regarding the topic Leadership in the specific profession of social entrepreneurship during September 2017 and June 2018. Since I know her, Nadina has impressed me with her devotion, engagement and reliability, so I am really happy that I had the opportunity to get mentored by her. She is a very experienced and skillful person in building new companies as well as leading them. In the last year she could prove herself as an excellent mentor through supporting young start-ups, focusing on the individual and current needs. She has an excellent network of contacts, which I ascribe to her good interpersonal skills as well as her open personality, both to people and ideas. Furthermore, she has excellent leadership and problem-solving skills which made her the person to ask when we are in the need to tackle new, unknown problems. She has an excellent command of English language as well.

In addition to her professional qualifications, Nadina has personal qualities that make her well-suited to coaching and mentor activities in the field of leadership. She is, I think, fallen into the role of “point person” that many of us go to with questions. She is not afraid to take risks and often suggests new directions to explore. I also admire her ability to self-reflect and the way she talks with people, letting them feel listened too.

Nadina is exceptionally motivated, enthusiastic about her work, intelligent, and has the perseverance and skills to easily become acquainted with new topics.  She was always perfectly prepared, extremely patient and not easily demotivated by the actions of the mentees. Her friendly and outgoing personality were an asset for the whole group. I also appreciated the discussions with her and the fact that she is always eager to learn new things and improve herself.




Management- und Unternehmensberatung. Entwickeln Sie Ihre Führungsqualitäten und werden Sie ein exzellenter Leader.


Gemeinsam erarbeiten wir Ihr Geschäftsmodell, entwickeln Ihre Geschäftsstrategie, strukturieren die Prozesse und sichern das Wachstum.


Exklusive Programme für ganzheitliche Führung. Sie entwickeln sich zur inspirierenden Persönlichkeit, stärken Ihre Führungskompetenzen und lernen sich als authentische LeaderIn zu positionieren.

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